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KoBzA Pizza Cutter

Why exactly KoBzA PICCA CUTTER:

This tool is necessary for people with weak hands: people after hand injuries, elderly people, people with Parkinson's disease

The knife is perfectly suited for cutting and grinding of any kinds of products, including products after freezing

The design of the knife is designed in such way, that you can easily make not only horizontal but also vertical cuts

Diamond knife sharpening will allow you to use it right after receiving

BETTER THAN OTHERS - with regular knifes - pizza cutter - wheel - mezzaluna chopper - ulu knife etc, you lose part of your meal at the time of sliding and cutting... not with KoBzA, you realize this from the moment you get a grip of it.

SAFETY- pizza cutter with cover stainless steel has a special designed cover so you don't have to worry about any accidents while you store it or wash it, it also can be safely washed on the dish washer.

COMFORT - the fact that you are comfortable while you use the product is very important and it starts with the grip and handle of the product it feels almost like a continuation of your hand, so actions of cutting meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, pizza, etc become natural movements of your body.

WEIGHT AND SIZE - it has the perfect size and weight to be strong enough so the products being sliced offer no resistance but at the same time you can bring it with you to your adventures outside of your kitchen like BBQs, picnics, etc.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED - we back our product with our word and money if by any reason you are not happy with your product you send it back and you get your money in return no questions asked.

Green-world Drain Cleaner

Why exactly Green-world Drain Cleaner:

You should know, that not one liquid chemical drao cleaner does not dissolve the hair, accordingly it will not help you to cleanse your drain from the hair hanging in it

Without using chemical cleaners you will not have toxic fumes in your home

Without using chemical cleaners you will not pollute the environment

This is a fairly cheap and easy-to-use tool that will save your money on a plumbing call

You do not know when your stock will get stuck - have on hand our simple tool right now

Multi-function package carefully designed in USA packing will let you store our drain cleaner as a snakes conveniently and be in charge of the drains cleaning schedule (once per month is recommended), fast shipping - ships from USA

Ecologicaly clean 100% ecologically safe drain opener for you and environment, no toxic fumes in your home

Save your money you will no longer need expensive professional plumber services with this simple in use and affordable drain cleaning tool

Simple and reliable flexible and firm drain cleaners, set of 3, 20", provide guaranteed cleaning of the drains in bathtubs, kitchens, toilet and all possible sinks (instructions inside the package)

Reusable can be used over and over until visible damages occur. Simply remove all the obstructions and rinse in water. But our special price affords you to keep hands clean and simply get rid of the tool after cleaning

KoBzA Sanding Disks

Why exactly KoBzA Sanding Disks:

High quality materials will allow you to use each disc for a long time

The lining material will provide a reliable fastening with a rotating cushion

Hook and loop method allows you to change discs in a few seconds

Subscribe & Save program will allow you to receive discs with discount every month / 3 months / 6 months, with no reminders

OPTIMAL SET - 60-pieces assortment sanding discs 10 each of 40, 60, 80, 120, 180 and 240 grits for rough work and dry grinding wood, plastic and other materials by random orbit sander

HIGH QUALITY - of base material, glue base and aluminum oxide grain abranet orbital sanding disc delivers a fast and long lasting cut

MAXIMUM GRIP - hook and loop sandpaper backing confidently holds during operation and makes grit changes quick and easy, and lengthens the life of the abrasive

5 INCH 8 HOLES DIAMETER - orbital sander pads suitable for use with random electric or cordless circular orbit sanders: Black & Decker, DeWalt, Ryobi, Bosch, Makita, Mirka, Milwaukee and other

WIDE RANGE OF USES - this set of flexible sanding discs can be used professionals and home conditions in automotive, woodworking, industrial spheres